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General Features

Single Page Checkout

Allow your customers to purchase on a single page with faster checkout experience without interruption.

Multiple Language

Create pages and menu items easily in multiple language. Design unique page for each language while can keep same URL.

Multiple Currency

Sell your plans/packages in multiple currency, Users can select currency like language for entire website.

Promotion Banner

Create an offers and set live timer. You can easily control the timer from the admin section and can customize layout and colors.

Cookie Consent

Inbuilt Cookie Consent banner which can enable by single click and can easily customize the layout and colors.

Live Color Schemes Builder

Why use same color scheme, Build your own unique color scheme by using live color scheme builder.

Multiple Colors & Layouts

Design your own layout with different color schemes for header, footer, navigation bars, sections and pricing tables.

Mega Menu Manager

Multi language advance menu manager for primary and footer navigations with custom css and icon option.

Disqus Comments

Enable/disable Disqus comments easily in announcement and knowledgebase pages.

Support Hours Widget

Support hours widget in sidebar fully manageable from Croster Panel. Inform your users about your support hours and weekends.

Country Based Payment Gateways

In sigle page checkout order form choose the payment gateways with respect to your country & also possible to set minimum and maximum amount for gateway.

Webmaster Tools

Add verification code easily for most of popular search engines from Croster Panel.

Sitemap Wizard

Generate sitemap for search engines easily from Croster Panel.

Google Schema

Google Rich Snippets for more powerful SEO.

Page Manager Features

Fully equipped Page Manager

Fully equipped & modern page manager like WordPress Gutenberg. Simply select the section and configure it, move any section up and down in page, you can create new page or duplicate any existing page easily and publish/unpublish anytime.

SEO Ready Pages

Inbuilt SEO option in page manager like page Title, Meta Keyword(s), Meta Description, Robots, OG title, OG Description, OG Type and OG Image.

Dynamic Products & Pricing

Just select the plans, group or tld in section, and let the theme auto collect rest of the things like whmcs order form description and pricing automatically from whmcs products. which means now you do not need to manage pricing, description etc twice. For example, if you ever need to change the price of any products or tlds, just change them in WHMCS products/services and domain pricing. The Croster will auto collect everything from there.

Customizable Sections

Each section has its own inline configuration like in Slider section it has 2 types of sliders and same kind of multiple option available in Domain Search, FAQs, Testimonial, Pricing tables, Simple header, Features listing, call to action and Text editor. More sections to be added in upcoming updates.

Dynamic Announcement

You just need to select the announcement section in page manager and set how many latest announcements want to show in the section and can show in any of page.

Your questions, our answers

We offer Croster installation absolutely Free, But we do not offer WHMCS installation, setup, configuration and any type customization and modifications services. Free installation of Croster theme is available only for one time. You must have WHMCS Latest version installed before making a request to install the Croster theme. The installation service is available Monday through Friday 10AM to 5PM IST.

The Croster comes with its own Content Management System Croster Panel so you don't need to edit anything manually which is required in another whmcs templates or WHMCS themes.

We release regular updates to our products as and when required, either to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WHMCS or to introduce updates, bug fixes or new features.

This support policy details the level of customer support you can expect to receive from us, including full details of how we provide customer support, what our support service covers, and what is not covered by our support service. If you have any questions regarding the content of our policy, please contact our support team. We reserve the right to amend this support policy at any time without any prior notice at the discretion of Any changes will be published here on our website.

No, Single domain license allow you to use our products on one domain only, If you want use it on another domains then you have to buy separate license for each. For more information please read our TOS/EULA agreement.
Ofcourse! If you don't want WHMCS as a main website you can use as client area only and take advantage for Croster features..

No, Currently we don't have any reseller or partner who can sell our products. We are selling the Croster license from our website ( only. You can use our license verification tool to verify your license.

No, Croster is designed to use standalone, so not supported with WordPress Bridge, However if you have some HTML/CSS knowledge you can integrate header and footer because all tpl files are open source. But we dont provide any support in that case. you can use our premium order forms in all types of themes which are based WHMCS Six and Twenty One Templates.

WHMCS license related questions

We are authorised reseller of WHMCS, and officially allowed to offer WHMCS License with our WHMCS theme, If you wish you may verify same from the WHMCS limited.

You will get support direct from whmcs by using below link.

Get support direct from WHMCS team

You don't need to reinstall whmcs, simply change the whmcs license key in your whmcs admin panel.

Yes, you can reissue whmcs license key anytime by login into your account.

  • Compatibility: Firefox, IE9+, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge
  • Framework: Bootstrap 4.5.x
  • Instant Download
  • Single Domain License
  • Compatibility: Firefox, IE9+, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge
  • Framework: Bootstrap 4.5.x
  • Instant Download
  • Single Domain License

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