About Us

Leading WHMCS Reseller and Theme Developer

ThemeMetro is a unit of Redonet Technologies Private Limited. is a privately owned company based in India. 

We are the official reseller of WHMCS Limited. Through our partnerships with WHMCS, we are proud to be able to bring our customers WHMCS licenses for far below the usual retail price. Not only will we provide these wonderful products for great prices, we are more than happy to provide Croster (WHMCS Theme) to get your business website up & running quickly. 

Our quality customer support and great prices keep our customers coming back.

WHMCS Authorised Reseller

The Story behind ThemeMetro

The story of ThemeMetro began back in 2015, when, as the owner of a web hosting business himself, Kc Sharma, our founder, has been using WHMCS since 2009 and customized it as per their requirements. Sometime later, he found lots of WHMCS users were either using default whmcs themes or integrating headers and footers from their business websites, which actually didn’t look that good. So, he decided to work on an affordable solution for them, and earn some bucks as well.

After a few months of research & efforts, he built a theme "WebHoster '' which included most required additional pages for the Web Hosting business website, and fully integrated whmcs in the template itself and started selling at newly created brand ThemeMetro. In a very short span of time the Webhoster became very popular among web hosting providers. This piece of success gave him a little more boost of confidence and encouraged him to spend some more time on it.

When he started, he didn't know it could become his main brand and could become more popular than his web hosting business. His hard work and dedication towards themes proved a big success when the second theme "Clouder" launched and which became the most popular theme in the industry.

As per client's feedback, suggestions and questions, he realized that most of the users are with very limited knowledge of technical things and find it very difficult to manage content management of the template, so he planned to make an admin panel for the template. Later, with lots of research and efforts, around 12-13 months, his idea reached the platform with the name of Croster.

Now with the WHMCS partnership and our WHMCS Theme, it has become the #1 choice of WHMCS users.

We believe our success has been formed by the following goals:

  • To keep competitive prices, and more often than not to be the cheapest on the market.
  • Listening client feedback and feature requests and trying to add in the platform.
  • Fast response times, we always aim to respond to tickets and orders in a timely manner.

We hope you will look at ThemeMetro next time you need WHMCS and WHMCS Theme for your hosting business!