Professional WHMCS Services

Get Professional WHMCS Services from an experienced team with over 9 years of expertise. Allow our staff to handle the labor-intensive tasks for you with expert WHMCS installations, upgrades, and transfer services.

WHMCS Configuration and Training

Start using WHMCS right away with our WHMCS configure and traning services. Our experts will configure everything you need to get started. This includes:

1 hour complete training session for all your queries related to WHMCS tasks.

  • Cron Task Automation Setup.
  • Initial System Configuration.
  • Setup of 1 Hosting Server/Reseller Account.
  • Configuration of up to 6 Products/Services.
  • Setup of 1 Domain Registrar & TLD Pricing.
  • Setup and Configuration of Payment Gateways.
    (Only Gateways which are bundled with WHMCS.)
  • Setup of Support Departments & Email Piping.
  • Enhancing Security:
    Includes: writeable directories, configuration.php file, crons directory, rename the WHMCS Admin Area directory.

$238.00/One Time
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WHMCS Installation

Installation of Core Software only.

* Hosting environment must meet the System Requirements before the service can be performed.

$21.95/One Time
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WHMCS Upgrade

For the best experience with WHMCS, we recommend using the latest WHMCS version. With our upgrade service, our experts will make sure you're up-to-date with minimal downtime. If possible, we'll preserve any customizations you have made to WHMCS, too.

We'll upgrade WHMCS Bundled Templates (Six, Twenty One and Standard Cart Order form) and Croster WHMCS Theme only. If you are uisng any other templates, please contact us for best quotation.

$44.95/One Time
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WHMCS Transfer

Let our experts transfer your WHMCS installation to a new hosting environment. This no-downtime transfer includes:

  • All of your files, including customizations.
  • All WHMCS data and configurations.
  • Cron job automation settings.
  • Email piping configurations.

$29.95/One Time
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Services are valid for a one-time purchase only. They do not entitle you to ongoing support and must be purchased each time they are required. Services are available Monday through Friday and complete within 48 hours.