Updates released for all templates for WHMCS 7.10

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

It is with great pleasure to announce that all of our themes and order forms along with Croster are now fully updated for WHMCS 7.10.0 and available for download

Croster 1.4 changelog


New Features:

  1. Added number of member show in Team Listing section.
  2. Added Dark Mode color scheme.
  3. Added client credit balance alert in client area homepage.
  4. Promotion banner and cookies consent are available in multi language.
  5. Multiple invoice layouts.
  6. Payment logos and custom html code in footer.
  7. Client area login page customization with more styles.

Improvements & Bug fixed:

  1. Added option to enable/disable promotion banner date counter functionality. By default it is disabled, after upgrade if you wish can enable it.
  2. Text Editor section issue, now use full bootstrap ui in this also available dark background and added some more text color, tables and font size.
  3. By default hoverable menu has been removed due to causing issue in touch screen display. If you still want can enable from Croster Panel.
  4. Removed h1 from all sections title to avoid issue in multiple h1 tag in SEO.
  5. CSS improvement for boost loading speed.
  6. Market connect page navigation bar improvement.
  7. Important bug in licensing.
  8. Payment method page bug.
  9. invoice payment by credit card page layout issue.
  10. Multiple VPS hosting plans and FAQs section in same page issue.
  11. Market Connect VPN services order issue.
  12. Description duplicate issue in Web Hosting Plan section when product descriptions not as per recommended format.
  13. Primary menu scrolling issue in left layout by laptop touch pad. 
  14. Product group pricing is not showing in breakdown if monthly break down is enable from whmcs settings.
  15. Improved call to action section. 
  16. Client area and Croster default order form visibility improvements.

Coming Soon..

We are still working on Single Page Checkout order form and hopeful to release in upcoming weeks. We are bound to update our themes as per WHMCS latest version ASAP so we had no choice to skip it until Single Page Checkout order form gets ready. 

We request all of our customers to follow the recommendations of the government authorities and please stay at your home to fight against #Coronavirus

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