Croster v1.8 released with more powerful SEO

 Wednesday, November 4, 2020

We are pleased to announce Croster v1.8, Its contains important bug fix and new features. 

In this release, we have added Google Rich Snippets to make SEO more powerful, an improved call to action section where you can put an image at one side and text at another side and some more new features. 


Croster WHMCS CMS Theme


What's new in Croster v1.8

  • Added Google Rich Snippets for more powerful SEO  
  • Added Promo banner visibility option to make it visible always, only for clients or only for visitors.
  • Added Dedicated Servers and VPS hosting Pricing Table Section label translation options.
  • Details text in pricing table to expand product details now in multiple languages.
  • Fixed shopping cart icon issue in pre header.
  • Save Text language issues in all places.
  • Improved call to action section, now you can add 2 column contents, image and text content.
  • Major bug fixed in Single Page Checkout order form.


The Croster v1.8 supports only WHMCS v8.0.x or later. The update is must required if you are using WHMCS 8.0.x. and Croster v1.7 OR any other old versions of Croster with WHMCS 8.0.x.