Croster v2.0.7 released

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

We are pleased to announce the release of Croster v2.0.7 which is fully supported with WHMCS 8.6 and PHP 8.1 (supported PHP versions 7.2,7.3,7.4 and 8.1).

Changelog in v2.0.7:

  • Added Media Library and Icon Picker in Croster admin panel to manage images and icons easily.
  • Menu name field is now required in Menu Manager (sometimes users create a blank menu and it's causing ghost menu issues.)
  • Fixed W3C Markup Validation issue.
  • Added condensed banner style header in left layout also.
  • Improved domain transfer page in Croster default order form.
  • Improved Page Manager listing in Croster admin panel to search page by filename.
  • Refresh the header design for small devices, also supported SVG logos.

Single page Checkout Order form:

  • Added: Domain transfer eppcode option required as per setting from WHMCS admin Domain Pricing.
  • Improvement: Improved visibility. 
  • Fixed: If stock control enable and qty is less then 1, then checkout button not disable if comes from product link.
  • Fixed: Domain renewal filter not working from domain page listing.
  • Fixed: Addon billing cycle language variable issue.
  • Fixed: Domain input validation for domain input field for blank space, min 3 characters and capitalization.
  • Fixed: Single page order page language change removed product ids.
  • Fixed: Product Group, Product name and description language translation issue.
  • Fixed: Product name and description with language from admin.
  • Fixed:Domain Whois and Premium domain issue.
  • Fixed: Coupon code, domain required and some other messages translation issue.


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