How to move WHMCS to a another directory

There may have been occasions where you wanted to move your already installed copy of WHMCS to another folder, but never proceeded with it as you assumed it requires some amount of technical knowledge…. This is a common type of an issue and we’ve thought about it and created this article, explaining what exactly needs to be done – it isn’t actually rocket science…..

  1. Remove anything that may conflict with WHMCS from your public_html directory
  2. Login to your admin panel and change the system URL to ( for root) under setup > General settings > general > system location
  3. Move your files from inside your folder to the directory of your choice directory (File Manager in cPanel makes this easy)
  4. Re-issue your WHMCS and enter the new license code when it's requested when you go to login to your admin panel
  5. Delete & re-add any WHMCS related Cron jobs you have running. Most users will have the WHMCS automation cron setup (setup > automation settings). In most cases there is a cron job for domain registrars also.
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