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20th Aug 2015

Themes updated with 6.0.2

We're pleased to inform that both of our themes "eNO" and "WebHoster" now fully upgraded for latest WHMCS version 6.0.2. We have also fixed some bugs and make some minor improvements. please find the upgrade instructions and change logs in changes.txt file in download folder.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you may have any questions.

3rd Aug 2015

Important updates of themes

We're pleased to release New versions of eNo and WebHoster. We have fixed order form images issue in new installation of whmcs 6.x. You just need to replace order forms to update.Since We have been receiving few emails from some users of WebHoster that they find it difficult to manage menu with hook in WHMCS SIX, So considering their requests ...

17th Jul 2015

WHMCS Themes update release

We're pleased to announce updated version 2.0.1 of both of our themes "WebHoster" and "eNo" as per latest release of WHMCS 6.0.1 along with some bug fixed. You can download the latest version by login to client area. We have given upgrade instructions and changes.txt in download folder itself.Thank you very much!If you have any suggestion or ...

14th Jul 2015

Themes updated for WHMCS Six

We're excited to inform that both of our templates are now ready for WHMCS 6. The demo of both of the themes are updated to latest version. Please spend few of minutes of your precious time and get into world of V6 where things are designed very beautifully according to fully featured client area of WHMCS "Six". You can download the latest ...