Troubleshooting a Oops Error Message

Please make sure any Product OR Product group is not hidden and not missing in WHMCS Product and Services which are assigned in that page in Pricing Table and Product Group section. If any hidden OR missing Product/Product Group which is assigned in the page you may get an Oops error on the page OR unexpected pricing value. 

If you are getting an Oops on any additional pages after upgrading Croster v2.0.7 with PHP 8.1, please use the following steps to fix the issue.   

  1. Remove the PHP file manually by login FTP OR any other control panel which you are using to manage the files in the server.
  2. Visit the Croster Panel >> Page Manager >> and Save the page again to regenerate the PHP file.

Once done, clear template caches from whmcs admin.


If you are encountering an 'Oops' error when adding/editing pages using Page Manager after upgrading to Croster v2.0.11.

  • You need to enable the SEO URL option in the Croster Panel by navigating to Setup >> General Settings >> Friendly SEO URLs >> SEO URL, and clicking on the Save button to fix the issue. If you do not want to enable SEO URL, you may disable it again.
  • If you are still encountering the same error, ensure that the user associated with the WHMCS database has sufficient permissions to alter the table structure. In such cases, you will need to grant the ALTER privilege to the database user.
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